Tips For Purchasing Quality Inflatable Bumper Cars

Traditional bumper cars are electric, usually built of durable metal or plastic, and feature rubber bumpers throughout the sides. In recent years, a new product has hit the market! Inflatable bumper cars are becoming all the rage as they’re significantly more affordable and being built from durable PVC allows them to be safer and more shock-absorbent. Though the PVC material may appear to be a setback at first glance, it actually provides a better riding experience than traditional bumper cars.

Our Tips For Buying Inflatable Bumper Cars

If you’re operating a fair, carnival, circus or amusement park, your facility can significantly benefit from inflatable bumper cars. They provide the same amount of enjoyment as their traditional counterparts, but at half the operational costs! In fact, one of the best aspects of these types of cars is that they can be used on any type of a flat surface may it be wood, concrete or cement.

Though affordable, you’ll still be spending quite a bit of money on these inflatable rides, so it’s important to get your money’s worth. Here are some shopping tips:

1. Check the weight capacity of the inflatable bumper cars you’re going to be buying. If you’re looking to accommodate both adults and children, you will need a car with a higher load capacity. For basic cars, a 100kg capacity is more than enough as it can work for adults and children alike.

2. Inflatable bumper cars all come equipped with different speed capacities. The higher the speed, the more fun the riders will have. Of course, it’s important that the speed of the rides is manageable and safe enough for the riders involved. All companies selling rides will display the speed capacity of the bumper cars to help give you a good idea of what to expect.

3. Some inflatable bumper cars can be customized to your specifications, especially if you want the colors and the design to reflect that of your business. It’s well worth taking potential customization options into consideration before committing to order best desk lamps for office. In some instances, you may need to sacrifice speed or load capacity depending on the options you have for customization.

4. The main construction material is going to be PVC, but the frame and accessories can be manufactured from steel as well as FRP. Though these won’t and shouldn’t be a major determining factor in your purchase, they’re well worth taking into consideration.

5. The company you order from should stand behind their products and offer a limited warranty on the bumper cars. There’s no reason to spend a great deal of money, only to discover that the products aren’t as described and they won’t hold up well over the years. There are many reputable companies online, so don’t give up the search!

Inflatable PVC bumper cars are generally remote controlled and some may even come with built-in music and LED lights for additional enjoyment. Before purchasing rides for your establishment, make sure to pay attention to the different specs of the bumper rides. More at

Finding The Price Of Bumper Cars Online

These days, a number of people who are purchasing kiddie rides and similar attractions opt to buy them online. When you shop online, you can find products that meet your precise needs. You can also shop around and look for excellent deals.

With that said, it isn’t always easy to find the price of a specific item. As an example, you may not be able to find the price of bumper cars online. When you can’t see how much an item costs, it can be difficult to make purchasing decisions.

bumper car rides price online

However, if you follow these simple steps, you should be able to get all of the information you need about the price of kiddie bumper car rides.

Step One: Find Bumper Cars That Appeal To You

water bumper cars for kids

Take a look at several different retailers and see what kind of bumper cars they have. Bookmark any bumper cars that seem appealing to you. Don’t worry about total cost; that part of the process will come later on.

Once you’ve bookmarked plenty of options, rule out the choices that don’t work. For example, you should eliminate any vendors that won’t ship to your area. You should also rule out bumper cars that won’t work for you. If an item is too big, or has the wrong height limit, strike it from the list.

After you’ve narrowed things down a bit, you can move onto the next step.

Step Two: Ask For Price Quotes

Reach out to all of the retailers you’re considering making a purchase from. Let them know which bumper cars you are interested in. Ask them if they can provide you with pricing information.

Asking for a price quote is very different from committing to make a purchase. These retailers expect to get price requests; your email won’t inconvenience them in any way.

In many cases, companies won’t list prices because they can vary based on the location of the purchaser. In addition, it makes it easier for their competitors to undercut them. In the long run, it makes more sense to ask interested customers to talk to them about the price.

Step Three: Compare Your Quotes

Once you’ve gotten quotes from all of your different choices, you will want to take the time to compare the prices that you’ve been given. See which bumper cars have the lowest price tag. Find out if any of them have features that make them a better value, such as an installation service or a warranty.

Use this information to find the bumper cars that you would like to purchase from WWW.BestonBumperBoats.Com. If all of the cars are out of your price range, go back to step one and start over again. If you keep looking you should be able to find an affordable option.

If you’re persistent, you should be able to find the price of bumper cars online or just click In fact, you should be able to handle most aspects of your order over the internet. These days, it is easier than ever to get the kind of information you need.

What should about Battery Operated Bumper Cars

Inside the international marketplace for theme park rides, there are many selections for both theme park businesses and private people who own rides. With modern manufacturing technologies, these rides could be built, delivered and assembled in just weeks instead of the months it could took mere decades ago. Having a boost in the spending power of several people despite the global recession, increasing numbers of people are starting to obtain amusement park bumper cars rides ( both for their own amusement businesses as well as for an especially wealthy few, their very own personal use. But, with all the wide variety of rides available, it may be difficult to select one for the single business.

Battery Operated Bumper Cars for parks
Battery Operated Bumper Cars for parks

One constantly popular option is battery op bumper car rides. These rides have already been popular for pretty much a century. Invented to give youngsters a flavor of driving the then-uncommon automobiles of the era, the ride has since expanded into a global sensation, being a staple of amusement parks throughout the world. Also termed as dodgems, bumping cars and dashing cars, it is an uncomplicated ride which is none the less very popular with amusement park goers, regardless of what the era, season or scheduling of any day on the park. Check low cost battery bumper cars for sale at

Composed of a flat floor littered with small, electrically powered cars with reinforced rubber bumpers on every side, the cars have in recent times been made to crash into one another. It had been not at all times so, but once this using the ride became obviously profitable, the rides were redesigned to support this more intense type of play favored by young children and teenagers. The floors are often shaped like rectangles or ovals and a common methods of maintenance is usually to sprinkle the ground with graphite to decrease friction and ease the stress on the cars, enabling these to stay longer without being replaced or in need of serious repairs. As we know, electric pool bumper boats for sale are more and more popular in summer.

Though oftentimes the ride is powered by a specialized floor or ceiling attached to the car, in recent years, battery operated bumper cars for indoor amusement parks have become more widespread. These cars use longer lasting and rechargeable batteries made to last through no less than a full day of near constant use, oftentimes longer. The batteries encourage the cars to advance throughout the flat floor without having the electrical connections for the floor or ceiling that suffuse most bumper car rides and usually are meant to be recharged frequently, usually even though the amusement park is closed down for your night.

Kids inflatable battery operated bumper car from Beston
Kids inflatable battery operated bumper car from Beston

One good thing about these cars is the fact that certain models may be played with beyond the typical bumper car environment of your flat, metal floored area. While buyers should research the level of surfaces a battery operated bumper car will operate on, the main advantage of the battery systems are these particular cars use a wider range than typical bumper cars that are essentially permanently affixed on the ride itself. With this type of flexibility, it really is no surprise that increasingly more amusement park owners and private citizens are finding that these particular cars are far better older models. Find more quality bumper cars for sale at low price: