Concrete Mixer Pump Advantages

Innovations when it comes to technology have really contributed towards decreasing manual labor, which has gone onto revolutionize a number of industries, which includes the construction sector. One of these examples includes the innovations of cement-mixing tasks and concrete pumps which have become a lot less time-consuming. Today, thanks to concrete mixer pumps (бетоносмесители с насосом) the tasks of hand-mixing concrete have come to an end.

These concrete mixer pumps types are used for transporting and mixing concrete in large volumes which offers a host of advantages over concrete mixers without pumps. More suited for the large-capacity applications, the concrete mixer pumps are cost-effective, improves customer satisfaction and provides improved flexibility. Before investing in a concrete mixer pump, here are 3 economic advantages that you are able to benefit from.

Concrete Mixer Pump
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1. Labor Saving

The concrete mixer pump are often seen on smaller construction job sites, for various reasons. An economic benefit that stands out from the rest with this vehicle type is its abilities to position a lot closer to a desired location as well as a way to pour the concrete accurately. When compared to truck dumping, the concrete mixer pumps will save you up to 50% on labor.

An example of this is when 2 hours and 5 workers are a requirement to complete a job, the same task can be completed in 1 hour with 3 workers when using a concrete mixer pump. This offers a way to deploy labor resources more wisely and a way to complete a lot more tasks each day.

2. Increased Daily Production

Since you are offered with an opportunity to efficiently deploy labor resources, as well as get more jobs done in one day, a concrete mixer pump will increase daily production. Concrete that is produced from these trucks are placed with more efficiency and unloading times are greatly reduced. When investing in concrete mixer pumps you do away with delays and interruptions. Сlick here to learn more about new concrete mixer pump price:

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3. Very Efficient And Simple Back-Filling

Back-filling with a concrete mixer pump is very efficient and simple. Your job sites will become less congested and safer, which means you can expect an increase in overall efficiency. Because concrete is poured directly, there will be no need for special mixes or re-handling to improve the quality. In addition, excessive water is longer an issue. When compared to the concrete mixers that do not feature a pump, this concrete mixer pump has greater capacity, which exceeds 150-cubic yards every hour. For this reason, buying a concrete mixer pump will boost your overall productivity.

Other stand out advantages of the concrete mixer pump include:

– Larger concrete volumes placed every hour

– Constant flow

– A reduction in wasted man-hours. Continuous flow from concrete pumps translates into a reduction in waiting around time.

– Concrete is placed exactly where you need it.

– Faster setup-times. The mobile pump will arrive on the site, offering a way to conduct 2 to 3 jobs in one day compared to older traditional methods of dealing with concrete.

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